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The app that revolves around You

Health meets Lifestyle

A profile that represents who you really are

The Sphere

Links your habits to a color

Your Ideas

Get recommendations for your lifestyle

Your Network

View others' Spheres, sense their mood

Do what you love
Be yourself
Shine bright!
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Picture + Tune = Vibe

Evolroma plays a tune of a song according to
the "mood" of the uploaded image and caption

Mood drives the ideas that are recommended

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Personality centric

Evolroma develops around everything you wish to express

The Sphere becomes a model of your personality

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Evolroma offers the user recommendations tailored to how they are feeling at the moment. If the user is feeling lethargic based on their interaction, Evolroma will recommend options that help keep balance like a short film or tea from a local shop.

Social Networking

Search, view, send a gesture

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Sense their mood

Message within your ER family
See the most popular vibes

Distress Signal

BLUE Alert feature notifies your network when you are in need of help

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Stress visual 2.jpg

BLUE Alert makes the user Sphere glow

Only emergency contacts can disable BLUE Alert from Sphere

Non-invasive and choice based advertising

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User will have a choice to select ad from their preferred company

Allows for more detailed behavior data, engagement metrics, and trending content

Informs of attraction of brand and success of advertising strategies

Understand your health

Evolroma always provides recommendations that promote all aspects of healthy living

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Active or Passive

Keep tabs on your levels of activity

Get a feel

Check what your moods have been and explore what makes you, you

Be unique

Every moment is your moment and every Sphere is its own

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Love everywhere.

(fun hint: see this screen in a mirror :)